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                      FOR THE HOLY SEASON OF ADVENT

                  Sweet  Child  Jesus,  I  have  come  at  a  sluggish  pace,
            waiting till the very eve to meet you, and even now, unless you
            drive me on with a strong push, I would still be feeling dry and
            cold. A thousand thanks to you, dear Jesus, but for love’s sake
            keep at your work. Unless you help me, instead of offering you
            what you expect from me, I would only offend you, displease
            you  and  do  terrible  things  besides.  I  pray  you,  then:  if  you
            expect anything from me, go on with it yourself, and do also
            what I should be doing, making up for my helplessness.

                  And so, during this holy season, I will build a lovely Crib
            for my dear Child in my own heart. First of all, I will focus my
            eyes on it by resolving never to use them out of curiosity or
            thoughtlessly, but fix them all the more on the loveable face of
            the heavenly Child and in it take full delight. All the glances,
            even  where  there  is  no  wrong,  which  I  deny  to  my  eyes,  I
            intend  to cast most lovingly  on  the beloved Child.  Inside  the

            Crib  of  my  heart  I  will  confine  my  tongue,  and  during  this
            season  I  will  speak  only  when  it  is  strictly  necessary  or  for
            reasons of charity. All the words that I ‘rob’ my tongue of, I will
            address to the Heavenly Babe, so that He too may graciously
            let me hear his voice, and his will, in my own heart.

                                       - 680 -
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