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                             FOLLOWING NOVENAS)

                          NOVENA OF THE NATIVITY OF MARY

                  The  Discipline  every  day  and  the  penance  Chain  on
            three  days;  Fasting  on  two  days;  every  night  a  visit  when  I
            wake up, and the night of the eve of the feast I shall sleep on
            the  floor,  and  two  more  nights  I  will  put  in  the  bed  wooden
            boards or stones; on two days the penance Bracelets, and eat

            no fruit. Every day I shall do Mortifications, No. …
            Acts of homage to the heavenly Child Mary, No. ...
            Prayers to be reborn in my heart, No. …

                          NOVENA OF THE GUARDIAN ANGELS

                  Recite every day 9 Angele Dei (prayer to the Guardian
            Angel)  with  my  hands  under  my  knees.  The  Discipline  on  3

            days, Fasting on the eve, penance Chain on one day, stones
            in my shoes on two days. No. ... acts of thanksgiving for the
            Guardian  Angel’s  care  of  me;  No.  ...  prayers  to  ask  him  to
            keep me in his care.

                          NOVENA OF ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI

                  Eat  no  fruit,  the  Discipline  on  two  days,  the  penance
            Chain for  4  hours  on  one  day.  Fasting  on  the  eve.  Drink  no
            wine on 3 days, give up coffee on two days.

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