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                          FOR THE HOLY SEASON OF ADVENT

                     1. In this time (of Advent), for the sake of Baby Jesus, I
               will  strive  to  become  lowly,  by  obeying  everyone  gladly,  in
               every  detail,  and  with  much  simplicity.  I  will  carry  out  every
               task assigned to me, down to the tiniest ones, for obedience’
               sake, by seeking permission, advice or the best way of doing

                     2. I will look out for every opportunity to practise charity
               towards  my  neighbour.  The  poor,  the  illiterate,  the  youth,
               sinners, souls in purgatory, the sick, will be the persons I will
               be most concerned to help in every way. For them I will spare
               myself no trouble, words, prayers, mortifications, etc.; in fact,
               the little good that I do during this time will be entirely offered
               for them.

                     3. I will prepare the Holy Crib of Baby Jesus in my own
               heart. I will gather in it the senses of my body and the powers
               of my soul so that they may stay with the Heavenly Babe and

               keep him company. In all the 33 visits-in-spirit to the Blessed
               Sacrament, I will always turn also to Baby Jesus, and with a

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