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loving glance I will express to him the affection of my heart and
            my love for Him.

                  4.  I  will  stay  in  the  sweet  presence  of  Baby  Jesus  as
            assiduously as if I had bound myself to it with a special vow. I
            will ceaselessly pray that he may not let me be unmindful of
            Him, even for a moment.

                  5. I will set out for the stable of Bethlehem. Each day I
            will cover a mile by making some generous act out of love for
            Baby  Jesus,  especially  by  practising  holy  humility.  Every

            evening I will put a mark to show if I have made any progress
            through an act of that kind, and I will commit myself to press
            on so eagerly that I may be the first one to enter the stable and
            receive the most exquisite graces from Baby Jesus.

                  6. I will not indulge in any bodily pleasure. (I will give up
            fruit and snacks, In the evening I will take only soup) . I will warm
            up  only  hands  and  feet  just  a  little,  and  only  poorly  even  in
            bed, I will take the discipline (every day) . I will sleep for (six)
            hours only, devoting the time taken from sleep to prayer or in
            works of charity.

                 Every night I will get out from bed and pay a short visit, (not

            1     Words in brackets are cancelled by her Confessor, and ‘No’ written on top of
            2     Words in brackets are cancelled and three times a week is written instead.
            3     Corrected; seven is written instead.

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