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can for the good of others. I felt that Baby Jesus was pleased
               with a word from me that I would wait even till Judgment Day
               for the start of his Work, if he willed it so, and meanwhile to
               devote  my  energies  for  the  benefit  of  my  neighbour.  I  don’t
               know what path God wants me to go by; may He grant me the
               grace to follow Him anywhere, and that is enough for me.
                     I earnestly commend myself to your prayer: for charity’s
               sake,  remember  my  poor  Father  too,  sometimes.  I  need  not
               tell you anything about  the Institute because I know you are
               doing your utmost for it. I will just tell you that a day seems to
               me a century, so great is my yearning for it to start. It gives me
               great  joy  to  hope  that  the  good  Giovanna,  your  Sister,  may
               have  the  good  fortune  of  being  among  its  first  members,
               though I do feel sorry for the pain of separating herself from
               her dear ones.
                     I humbly ask your blessing: may it effectively obtain for
               me some willingness to do good. With best regards.

                     8 January (1831).

                                        Your devoted, grateful Daughter in J. C.
                                        The Handmaid of Jesus and of Mary

               To Very Reverend Father
               DON ANGELO BOSIO

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