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Letter 211

                             TO VOLUNNIA BANZOLINI
            She  thanks her for gifts sent to  her  - She comforts her in her spiritual

                      PRAISE TO JESUS, JESUS, JESUS FOR EVER.

                  Dearly beloved Sister,
                                                Lovere, 5 January 1831.

                  I have not yet thanked you as I should have done for the
            lovely cabbages you sent me, the designs you lent me and the
            thousand  other  kind  deeds  you  have  lavished  on  me.  I  am
            deeply  indebted  to  you  and  I  am  profoundly  grateful  to  you.
            Forgive my  delay  in fulfilling  this  duty  of  thanking  you.  I  beg
            you  not  to  overwhelm  me  any  more  with  so  much  kindness
            that I know I don’t deserve at all. Only be so kind as to keep up
            your  friendship  with  me,  for  that  in  itself  is  exceedingly  dear
            and precious to me.
                  My heart fills with profound compassion as I think of your
            sorrow  and  distress,  and  I  wish  I  could  in  some  way  be  of
            comfort to you. When God withdraws from a soul all spiritual

            consolation and delight, it cannot help feeling deeply troubled
            and  dismayed:  all  it  can  still  do,  however,  is  to  love  the
            Supreme  Good  all  the  more.  Be  comforted,  dearest  Sister;

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