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Letter 213

                                  TO THE SAME
            Suggestions for the Day of Recollection for girls - She reports on certain
            fellow members.

                  Very Reverend Father Confessor,

                  I trust you know that his Reverence the Parish Priest has
            announced  that  this  evening  your  Reverence  will  open  the
            Recollection day. If you think it appropriate, I would ask you to
            remind the Leaders of their duty to watch over the girls in their
            group, and the latter of their obligation to obey, etc. There is a
            real  need  for  this.  Recommend  also  holy  Perseverance:  it

            worries me to see how certain girls who were formerly fervent
            are now becoming so indifferent; they are, in fact, less willing
            than the others to return to the path of virtue. Insist also on the
            need to have done with all this talk about love-making etc.
                  The good Volunnia is in great distress. I beg you to give
            her some of your time: she is coming to Church about an hour
            after lunch If you can make her open out to you, it would be of
            immense help and solace to her.
                  Camilla is now calm and quiet: she obeys very humbly
            and is courageously advancing in virtue.

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