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Letter 212

                             TO DON ANGELO BOSIO
              Trust in God’s merciful love - At a loss in discerning on her vocation.


                  Very Reverend Father in Jesus Christ,

                  I am enclosing a paper herewith; kindly correct it as the
            Lord  inspires you and then send it back to me so that I may
            do  something  in  this  time  of  revelry.  I  should  tell  you
            something about my soul, but to tell you the truth, I don’t know
            what to say to you. I would like to hope to be in the hands of

            the Lord. He knows that I am in need of everything, that the
            load  I  carry  is  made  of  frailty  and  sinfulness  and  that  I  am
            greatly in need of his merciful love. I trust He will have mercy
            on me, because he is my most beloved Father, and so I trust
            in Him with a tranquil heart.
                  During the Christmas Novena I was so strongly urged to
            run away and retire in some Convent that I don’t know how I
            managed to resist it. But on Christmas Day itself, when I had
            planned to tell you, Rev. Father, what I had in mind and then
            decide  according  to  your  advice,  my  heart  was  filled  with
            perfect calm and an overwhelming desire, instead, to do what I

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