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YEAR 1831


                                   Letter 210

                              TO LUCIA SIGISMONDI
                      Longing for Heaven and conformity to God’s Will.

                  Here  is  another  reminder  from  me:  the  drawing-of-lots
            list for Carnival practices, which remain the same as over the
            last years. I appreciated your letter very much. Thank you for
            thinking  of  me,  unworthy  though  I  am.  For  charity’s  sake
            remember my poor soul frequently; at the feet of our Crucified
            Lord, entreat Him to carry out in me His holy Will. Please say
            some  prayers,  and  ask  others  to  do  the  same,  for  various

            intentions that are very important. When will it be, dear Lucia,
            that we be entirely, wholly of God! ... When will it come about
            that our heart will be afire purely with his holy Love! ... When
            will  it  be  that,  leaving  behind  this  deceptive  world,  we  can
            enjoy, in the gardens of the Lord, the peace and quiet of the
            righteous! ...
                  May the Lord work out his holy Will in us and lead us,
            too, by the path that is most pleasing to Him. May he make us

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