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God  wishes  you  to  give  him  proof  of  your  fidelity  and
               steadfastness  and of your great love for him. That is why he
               has hidden his face from you; he has let you experience the
               (limited) worth of creatures and of things of this world so that
               you  may  more  generously  cling  to  his  heart.  He  is  eagerly
               waiting for you, for he loves you immensely and takes delight
               in you, and he has chosen you as a most faithful Bride of His.
               Have  courage,  dearly  beloved,  this  is  the  right  time  to  offer
               pleasing sacrificial offerings, now is the time for you to be most
               generous. Don’t fret: Jesus is in you, Jesus is with you, Jesus
               is  at  work  for  you,  even  though  you  are  not  aware  of  it.
               Abandon  yourself  lovingly  in  His  hands  and  have  no  fear.
               Lovingly  kiss  the  left  hand  of  Jesus  who  is  so  wisely  hitting
               hard at you, and tell him that you want to love him immensely,
               that you want to become a great Saint, that trials endured for
               his sake are sweet to you, and that you have no other desire
               than  that  of  doing  his  Holy  Will.  Thank  him  heartily  for  this

               chance to humble your self-love but that you want instead so
               much more love of God. Have no  fear, my dear Sister, your
               heart  will  soon  have  calmer  times.  Remember,  though,  that
               God wants you to be a Nun, soon. «Be generous». Oh! What a
               happiness! ... Pray God to give you the courage to do it.
                     Goodbye. Remember me .

                                             Your grateful, loving Sister
                                        The Handmaid of Jesus and of Mary

               1    Original in Latin: ‘Memento mei’.

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