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Letter 138

                                TO MARIANNA VERTOVA
                 She is happy about her friend’s recovery from illness - She gives an
                 account of errands run for her.

                         HONOUR AND GLORY TO JESUS AND MARY

                     My dearly beloved Sister in Jesus Christ,

                                                  Lovere, 6 February 1829.
                     I  am  very  much  obliged  to  you  and  deeply  grateful  for

               the immense joy you gave me in sending your most welcome
               letter. To tell you the truth, I was rather anxious and worried,
               knowing  of  your  illness  and  having  no  further  news  of  you.

               Thank God for restoring you back to health. I am so glad of it!
               Yet do remember, also, that God is giving you the gift of health
               with the understanding that you use it all for his glory and for

               the benefit of our neighbour. I was overjoyed at the news of
               the extraordinary fruit brought about by the preached missions.
               Let us render heartfelt thanks to God: I pray that these fruits

               may last and remain, by His grace.
                     For charity’s sake I beg of you one thing: at the morning
               bell  of  the  Hail  Mary,  to  ask  from  Jesus  Christ  the  perfect
               conversion of all the young girls of my Oratorio , especially of

               1    See footnote pg 55.

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