Page 24 - LETTER 1829_1830
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However,  you  must  know  that  I  never  get  tired  of  reading
            yours, and this time I will wait for one soon, a long one that will
            cheer me, though I do not deserve it.
                  Dearest, let us love Jesus, let us love Mary. Let us do
            our best to make others love them, for they absolutely deserve
            it. I hope I will soon be able to send you the new Rules for our
            Pious  Union.  Meanwhile,  have  patience  because  the  things
            that we long for most are the very things that come off most
                  So long, dear Lucia; I leave you with the aged Simeon to
            enjoy the company of the Child Jesus. I am

                  Lovere, 2 February 1829.

                                             Your poor Sister
                                         BORTOLAMEA OF JESUS

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