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the same practices because I was eager to meet your request.
                  With regard to what you tell me about the Sodality of St
            Aloysius: to tell you the truth, for two years now I have desired,
            and  I feel that the Lord too wishes, that you do what you can
            for such a beautiful cause but - I don’t know why - I never told
            you about this wish of mine.
            However, to make sure both of us are doing the right thing, I
            have sought the advice of our Reverend Superior, taking care
            to let him know your difficulties as well.
            He too told me that you should undertake with confidence an
            initiative which will certainly be pleasing to God and beneficial
            to young girls. And so, take this enterprise in hand with much
            fervour and have trust in St Aloysius, who will do himself what
            you cannot cope with. He will take such care of  the girls you
            entrust to him, that I really trust not a single one of them will go
                  You tell me that the Lord wants from us something more
            during this Carnival Time. The note I am enclosing is meant for

            the two of us, and we have for it the approval and obedience
            of Rev. Superior.
            If God gives you any other inspiration, you will be doing me an
            exquisite kindness in suggesting it to me.
                  Yesterday  I  offered  my  holy  Communion  for  you.  I
            prayed our gentle Jesus to graciously let me know his designs
            over  you;  I  seem  to  have  understood  that  he  wants  you  to
            make  every  effort  to  adorn  your  heart  ever  more  beautifully
            with  virtue,  because  he  has  chosen it  for his dwelling  place,
            particularly during this time when he is forsaken by so many.

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