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8. On Mondays and Wednesdays I will impose rigorous
               ‘fasting’ on my tongue. I will not say any word that is not strictly
               necessary.  (On  these  same  days  I  will  offer  the  Lord  the
               sweetest  recreation  that  I  have,  that  is,  that  of    holding
               conversation  with  my  dear  friend  Caterina  G.   avoiding  the
               chance to meet her) .
                     9.  On  Fridays  and  Saturdays  I  will  impose  ‘fasting’  on
               the faculties of my soul, by doing my best, as far as possible,
               to use them only in spiritual things.

                     10.  I  will  use  all  means  to  go  against  my  will;  I  will
               depend  for  everything,  even  the  smallest  things,  strictly
               obeying  even  those  younger  to  me.  I  will  look  out  for  every
               opportunity to practise Holy Humility, and three times a day I
               will  beg  Our  Lord,  on  my  knees,  with  arms  outstretched,  to
               grant it to me for charity’s sake and by the merits of his Sacred

                     11. Every morning I will pray the Lord with all my heart to
               give me on that day some suffering to endure: be it sickness,
               opposition, humiliation, correction, temporal disgrace, etc. I will
               hold everything precious and each time I will recite the Agimus
               tibi gratias (I give you thanks). If in the evening I find that I had
               had  no  suffering  on  that  day,  I  will  recite  in  a  real  spirit  of

               1    Caterina Gerosa, Bartolomea’s companion in the foundation of the Institute
               of the Sisters of Charity.
               2    Words cancelled.

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