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                               PRACTICES FOR FIXED TIMES

                             HAIL JESUS, MARY AND ST ALOYSIUS

                                 FOR CARNIVAL TIME

                     Help me, dear Jesus, to do some little thing you will be
               pleased  with  and  serve  as  a  little  comfort  to  your  Heart,  so
               greatly  wronged  by  so  many  sins  during  these  days.  I
               therefore resolve ...

                     1.  To  renew  three  times  a  day  my  vow  of  greater
               perfection and to observe it with greater care than usual.

                     2.  To  apply  the  discipline  4  times  a  week:  Sunday,
               Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for the length of a Miserere, for
               the conversion of sinners.
                     3. Unfailingly to get up during the night to pay the usual
               visit,  adding  3  Pater  to  the  Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus,
               recommending to him sinners who are up in the night to offend

                     4.  For  three  hours  every  day  I  will  keep  two  pebbles
               under  my  feet,  joining  my  little  inconvenience  to  the  three

                                          - 669 -
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