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                         FOR THE OBSERVANCE OF HOLY LENT

                     1.  I  intend  to  unite  myself  in  spirit  with  all  those  who
               during  this  time  are  practising  the  strictest  penance  and
               observing fasting with rigour; with all these I too offer the little I
               can do, and I will offer it to you, my God, as a penance for my
               own sins and for those of the whole world.

                     2. In place of fasting, I beg you, my God, to be pleased
               with  the  act  of  obedience  that  I  make  in  refraining  from  it;  I
               would do it gladly, and I pray you to let my Superior know if I
               am truly justified in not fasting, because I want to abide with
               peace of mind by his advice.

                     3. If I cannot do much, I will do little; however, I promise
               that I will most faithfully carry out all the particular things that I
               am  fixing  for myself,  according  to  what  I  shall  be  allowed  in

                     4.  I  will  sleep  half-an-hour  less,  that  is,  6½  hours.  As
               soon as I wake up in the night, I will get up from bed and pay a

               short visit and pray for the conversion of sinners. I will spend
               as much extra time as I can in holy Meditation.

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