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5.  I  will  always  give  up  a  fourth  part  of  my  breakfast,
            (and put no sugar in my Coffee) , or put very little if someone is
            watching me. At lunch I will always make three mortifications,
            and  I  will  help myself  to  only  one  dish.  At  supper  I  will  take
            only soup, and some bread, if at all. In between meals I will
            never  take  anything  except  for  health  reasons,  and  give  it
            always  to  the  Lord  in  the  person  of  his  poor  people.  I  will
            (never)   eat  fruit.  However,  if  my  Parents  tell  me  to  do
            something different, I will do as they wish.

                  6. Every day I will apply the discipline for the length of a
            (quarter-of-an-hour) .  Every  day,  for  two  hours,  I  will  keep
            pebbles under my feet, and during this time I will reflect on the
            Passion of Jesus Christ.

                  7. On Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays I will impose
            rigorous ‘fasting’ on my eyes. I will not look at useless things, I

            will not lift them from the ground in the street, at home I will
            observe only things connected with my duties, and on  these
            fixed days I will refrain from looking even at the dearest things,
            like Heaven, the Crucifix, Our Lady and St Aloysius, or at least
            not more than twice a day.

            1    The words here put in brackets are in Bartolomea’s paper cancelled by her
            Confessor by two horizontal lines.

            2    Cancelled and replaced by: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
            3    Cancelled and replaced by: the time of saying the Miserere.

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