P. 5

hard  and  difficult  it  may  be,  knowing  that  God  can  do
            everything  and  that  he  protects  in  a  special  way  those  who
            abandon themselves entirely in his hands. And so I will have
            no fear regarding the Institute, either. I will have great hope,
            and  the  more  unfit  I  find  myself  to  be  for  such  a  great
            undertaking, all the more will God’s own power shine out in all
            its splendour.

                  6  I will cultivate a special devotion to Mary Most Holy. I
            will place my whole trust in her, next to Jesus. I will often call
            on her, I will love her as a daughter, I will pay her homage day
            by day and do my best to instil devotion to her in the hearts of
            the youth.

                  Mary Most Holy, receive these resolutions of mine, keep
            them in your own care and present them to your Jesus. Watch
            over  me  always.  Dear  St  Aloysius,  pray  much  for  me,  ask
            Jesus to give me all your virtues, and to render me pleasing to
            his gracious Heart. Amen.

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