P. 4

                     2   To  succeed  in  this,  I  will  seriously  practise  self-
               denial:  I  will  especially  restrain  my  passions,  desires  and
               senses and offer in sacrifice all that Jesus will be pleased with.
               Every day I also want to do some bodily penance, according to
               what I shall be allowed in Obedience.

                     3  Regarding charity towards my neighbour, I want it to
               be my favourite virtue. I want to be tireless in doing good to the

               youth and to my companions, in helping the poor, looking after
               the sick, praying for sinners and for the souls in purgatory, and
               when  I  feel  tired  or  fainthearted  I  will  cast  a  look  at  the
               Crucified Lord laying down his life to save his creatures, and
               try  to  regain courage by  keeping my  eyes  on Him. With  this
               aim in mind, I will also look after my health, and avail myself of
               all the care kindly offered by those over me, so that I may then
               use it entirely for the good of my neighbour.

                     4  I will wage war on my self-love and my pride: I really
               want  to  crush  it  under  the  feet  of  everyone,  and  whatever  I
               don’t like, what I don’t feel like doing or saying, even if I have
               to  toil  at  it  the  hard  way,  and  make  it  a  point  to  disclose  it,
               whatever it may cost me, I will do it because I know that this
               passion is a real poison to devotion, and unless I get rid of it I
               will never attain to perfection.

                     5  I will never rely on myself: I will always keep in mind
               that of myself I can do only what is bad; but at the same time I
               will  have  an  unbounded  trust  in  God.  I  will  undertake  with
               courage  whatever  I  am  commanded,  however  demanding,

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