P. 6


                          (made in occasion of Spiritual Exercises)

                     On  the  first  Day.  My  God,  I  resolve  to  build  up  my
               holiness on the solid foundation of holy humility,  which is, in
               fact, the virtue I need most badly: I will do my best to practise it
               day by day, by doing concrete acts, as opportunities present

                     Second  Day.  By  God’s  grace  I  resolve  to  be  more
               watchful,  particularly  on  thoughts  of  pride  or  impurity,  by
               driving  them  away  instantly,  never  relying  on  myself  just
               because they make no impression on my senses at times.

                     Third  Day.  By  God’s  grace  I  resolve  to  strive  for  a
               complete  detachment  from  all  the  things  of  this  world,  each
               day  as  if  I  were  about  to  die.  Twice  a  week  I  will  do  my
               Meditation  on  Death,  Judgement,  Hell  and  Heaven,  to  have
               them more deeply imprinted on my mind and in my heart.

                     Fourth Day. From today on I will, with God’s help, renew
               my will to carry out all my resolutions, no matter how hard or

               wearisome  I  may  find  it  at  times;  when  I  feel  diffident  or
               weighed down in spirit, I will at once make an act of trust in

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