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                                SPIRITUAL EXERCISES

                  Here I am, Jesus my love, by your grace at the close of
            my Spiritual Exercises. You called me to this Retreat because
            you  wanted  to  speak  to  my  heart  and  grant  me  exceptional
            graces.  A  thousand  times  I  bless  your  immense  charity  and
            the exquisite gentleness you have shown me these days, and
            from the depths of my heart I warmly thank you for all that you
            have done for me. I thank you for the remorse you stirred in
            my conscience, so that I may make amends, for the light given
            to  my  understanding,  so  that  I  may  know  your  Will,  for  the
            many ways in which you have graciously called me, inspired
            me  and  strengthened  my  heart  so  that  it  may  be  wholly
            consecrated to you. Grant that your Most Holy Will be fulfilled

            in me. Receive in your Heart the resolutions that I am about to
            make, so that I may remain always faithful to you.

                  1  I resolve to apply myself with the utmost diligence to
            prayer; in particular, to never let a day pass by without having
            done an hour and a half of Meditative prayer. When I cannot
            do it during the day, I will do it at night, and if I cannot do it on
            my knees, I will sit down for it, but I want to do it without fail. In
            prayer I will devote myself to deep reflection on the Heart of
            Jesus, and I will do my best to remove all obstacles in order to
            let Jesus Christ work more freely in me.

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