P. 7

Fifth Day. To make sure I do the Will of God, I resolve to
            live, from today on, in perfect submission and obedience to my
            spiritual Superiors, by conforming my will wherever possible to
            their will, and in that way humble my pride as well.

                  Sixth Day. With God’s help I will do my best to receive
            Holy Communion always with the right dispositions, living in a
            way that will not make me unworthy to be nourished day by
            day  with  this  heavenly  food.  I  will  never  again  omit  Holy
            Communion or my Meditation just because I feel spiritually dry

            or afflicted, but instead be ruled by obedience to my Director.

                  Seventh  day.  Humility  and  charity  will  be  the  virtues  I
            will  in  particular  strive  to practise  because  in  these  I  commit
            the most faults. At home especially I will be gentle and caring,
            particularly with my mother, never showing ill-humour or using
            harsh  or  resentful  words.  I  will  be  very  kind  to  everybody,

            especially to those with whom I don’t feel quite at ease.

                  Eighth  Day.  As  a  fruit  of  these  Spiritual  Exercises  I
            resolve,  by  God’s  grace,  to  be  more  diligent  in  following  my
            Method of Life, and also the suggestions made by my spiritual
            guide; in particular, I will do with great care even the tiny little
            things, and if possible in a more orderly way. I will try to devote
            a  little  more  time  to  meditative  prayer,  and  to  keep  greater
            tranquillity  of  mind  so  that  my  heart  may  become  a  kind  of
            retreat where I can frequently seek refuge. I will strive to be

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