P. 10

night, and even in the midst of my work, I will always remain in
               the presence of my God. I will diligently examine myself and
               see what is disturbing this holy exercise, and after telling my
               Confessor,  I  will  carry  out  his  recommendations  with  the
               utmost  care.  I  will  pay  a  spiritual  visit  to  my  Jesus  in  the
               Blessed Sacrament every time I hear the church bells ringing
               or striking the hour.
                     3. I will try really hard to give up my own will in order to
               carry  out  solely  Jesus’  will.  Every  single  thing,  down  to  the
               most ordinary, I will accept gladly from his hands. I will do my
               very  best  to  attend  to  the  smallest  things  faithfully  and
               thoroughly well. I will cherish the hidden virtues that grow at
               the foot of the Cross: simplicity, graciousness, right intention,
               humility, poverty, absolute detachment, obedience, gentleness,
               inner  quiet;  I  will  do  my  utmost  to  please  God  alone  in
               everything, to seek only his glory, and to desire nothing else
               besides Him.

                     4.  Charity,  for  your  sake,  is  what  I  want  to  practise  as
               much as I can. I will do my best to carry out my vow of charity
               in  every  detail,  but  in  order  to  blend  this  virtue  with  holy
               humility, I will try to make it a point that whatever is likely to
               attract attention and popularity, I will let it be done by others.
               From now on I will seize those opportunities of doing what is
               likely  to  gain  for  myself  only  fault-finding,  derision,  poor
               response, rudeness, etc. Lord, I sincerely beg you to humble
               my pride.
                     5.  So many times I have said that I want to become a
               saint, but I have never done anything about it. From now on, I

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