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Saturday 26

                  I  held  obstinately  to  my  own  opinion.  I  told  various
            persons that this morning I had been to many Masses. I have
            had a favourable opinion of myself.

                                     Sunday 27

                  I was gratified to hear someone say that I do not give
            trouble to my Parents. I told others, with a certain amount of
            satisfaction, what time I go to bed, so that they may know that
            I don’t stay long in bed. When my parents were talking among
            themselves, I thought they might be speaking well of me.

                                    Monday 28

                  I  tried  to  excuse  myself.  I  have  thought  my  parents
            might have praised me for helping in the house. During supper
            I thought that if my Confessor saw me he would say that I was
            doing what he had suggested as an act of self-denial. As I was
            coming out of a house I imagined that the owner of the house
            would speak highly of me with a person, from outside Lovere,
            who was there with her.

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