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Friday 11

                     I was a bit rough in my talk in dealing with the girls. I
               considered myself more virtuous than another person because
               she cannot handle an initiative of piety. I was gratified at being
               observed by a man while I was carrying out an act of kindness.

                                       Saturday 12

                     I imagined that the change for the better that has come
               about  in  a  certain  girl  will  be  attributed  by  others  to  her
               friendship with me. I took delight in a thing I had done because
               it seemed to me very well done and worthy of some praise. On
               hearing  that  a  certain  person  is  very  affectionate  to  another
               because of her goodness-of-heart, I supposed that she would
               love me and consider me equally good, if I too were close to


                                       Sunday 13

                     I was sick that day, and so I did not feel like writing. For
               the  next  eight  days  I  was  in  bed,  unable  to  write  anything.
               From  Monday  till  Saturday  I  could  not  write  either,  partly
               because I didn’t feel like it, partly for sheer laziness and partly
               for pride, as it seemed to me a good excuse for keeping my
               defects to myself.

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