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scolding. I did not like it when a person used a too familiar way
            in addressing my mother. I was gratified to hear them saying
            that I am a reserved person.

                                     Tuesday 8

                  I was gratified to be addressed ‘lady’. I wanted to be the
            only one to speak. I was not at all sorry that I was spoken of
            highly; in fact, I added a few more things the same person had
            praised me for. I presumed that a friend of mine thought highly
            of me.

                                   Wednesday 9

                  I wished my father had been employed at some public

            Administration  Office.  I  was  gratified  to  hear  that  a  friend  of
            mine  devoted  more  time  to  sleep  than  I  do.  I  was  glad  that
            others understood that I was not the one to do a thing quite

                                    Thursday 10

                  I  listened  with  pleasure  words  in  praise  of  me.  I  was
            rather gratified to be seen doing good. I said a few words in
            praise of myself. I excused myself.

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