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Friday 4

                     I considered my family richer than it actually is. I spoke
               harshly.  I  excused  myself.  In  church  I  was  outwardly  devout
               but much less internally.

                                       Saturday 5

                     I said I had done a good deed while I was being told to
               do  it.  I  gave  a  paper  of  this  kind  to  my  Confessor  very

               reluctantly. I did not sit down while waiting for my turn to go to
               Confession in order to appear more devout than the others. I
               nearly  made  others  understand  an  act  of  self-denial  I  had
               made. I imagined my Confessor would think that I am obedient
               because I did not go for Confession till he told me to.

                                        Sunday 6

                     I  was  glad  a  teacher  was  absent  for  the  Catechism
               disputation, in order to be in-charge myself. Not to admit that I
               was wrong, I presumed that the others had made a mistake in
               the recitation of the Antiphon. I was glad that a priest did not
               see  me  doing  a  thing  in  a  stupid  manner.  I  excused  myself


                                        Monday 7

                     I excused myself twice. I held obstinately to my opinion.
               I did not tell that I had lost a handkerchief, in order to avoid a

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