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                                    Thursday 1

                  I  have  been  for  a  little  while  in  a  rather  bad  mood.  I
            considered  myself  quietly  absorbed  in  thought.  After  reading
            out  in  the  presence  of  a  priest,  I  imagined  he  would  think  I
            read well. I called back to mind words of praise about me said
            among some persons.

                                   Wednesday 2

                  In my talk I said some words that made others come to
            know of something good I had done; in that way I confirmed
            certain  things  said  in  appreciation  of  me.  I  had  a  desire  to

            know what others said of my way of proclaiming the Antiphons
            at the Sodality meeting: I presumed they would say that, sure
            enough,  I  had  done  them  well,  without  any  mistakes.  When
            some girls talked well, I thought those who heard them would
            give the credit to me because they had been taught by me.

                                    Thursday 3

                  I held obstinately to my opinion. I felt important because
            a  respectable  person  shows  concern  for  me,  and  I  also  told
            others that the person had come to see me at home.

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