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                                                    30 October 1830

                     My  gentle  Jesus,  relying  on  your  powerful  help,  I
               resolve, this month:

                     1.  To consider each day as the last day of my life, and
               so to spend it in a saintly way as if I were sure it would be the
               last;  three  times  a  day  to  remind  myself  of  this,  and  of  the
               resolutions as well.
                     2.   In order to acquire inner recollection and real union
               with Jesus Christ, to strive by every means, this month, to ‘die’
               to all visible things, and so ...

                     I  will  die  to  all  visible  things  through  my  eyes:  by
               resolving to look only at: The Crucified Lord, Mary, the Saints,
               Heaven,  the  Sacred  Monstrance  where  the  Blessed
               Sacrament is exposed, and things I need to look at for some
               precise reason; for the rest, I will keep my eyes down, never
               gazing at men, women, decorations, ornaments or paintings,

               imposing  buildings,  curiosities  and  ordinary  things,  but
               reserving my eyes only for things related to the glory of God,
               to  needs  of  my  neighbour  and  other  necessary  things;  for
               everything else, I will keep them as if I did not have them.

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