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Lovere, 1 January 1827

                     My God, this New Year I want to be quite different from
               what  I  was  in  the  past.  I  beg  you  to  forgive  me  for  being
               ungrateful so many times. I thank you for so many graces you
               have granted me. I promise you: this year, and especially this
               month, I want to live in the way I would live if I were certain
               that  I  had  to  die  that  very  day.  Moreover,  I  will  seek  all  the
               ways and means to practise humility; I will have a lowly idea of
               myself;  I  will  shun  praise  and  seek  humiliation.  I  resolve  to
               remain in God’s presence as much as possible, keeping up a

               familiar conversation with Him.
                     My God, help me, I beg of you; let me die a thousand
               times rather than commit a single deliberate sin.
                     Mary  most  Holy,  I  commend  myself  to  your  care.  All
               Saints of Heaven, pray for me.

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