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scorned,  forgotten,  and  even  hated  and  slandered.  Let  your
               whole glory consist in loving and serving Jesus.
                     You will belong totally to your neighbour through charity.
               For Jesus’ sake, seek all ways to do good to so many girls in
               need. Inscribe them on your heart; forget none of them. Keep
               closest to your heart those who are in the greatest need, the
               most  neglected  by  others,  very  poor,  orphaned  or  left  to
               themselves. Never get tired of praying for them, avail yourself
               of every opportunity to win them over; love them, caress them,
               do  all  you  can  to  make  them  pleasing  to  Jesus.  In  every
               manner do deeds of charity, both corporal and spiritual, but do
               everything with the right intention, for Jesus’ sake, that in all
               things he may be glorified.
                     You  will  then  belong  totally  to  God,  through  a  most
               ardent  love  for  Him.  Keep  in  mind  the  close  bond  you  have
               with him. You are God’s possession; you don’t have as much
               as a sigh that is not His, and if you behave differently, you are

               a thief. Do everything gladly for his sake. Be faithful to Him in
               little things. Think of Him all the time. Thank him in times of
               affliction.  Have  a  deep  trust  in  Him.  Bortolamea,  you  don’t
               belong to yourself any more, you belong totally to Jesus. Every
               tiny  defect  will  greatly  wrong  His  gracious  Heart.  For  God’s
               sake, do not displease him.
                     Dear Jesus, do of me what is most pleasing to you. I do
               not  rely  on  myself,  but  I  do  greatly  rely  on  you.  I  have  no
               power; all power is yours. I have greatly offended you, and yet
               you love me still. I also wish to return love for love. Give me
               your Heart, and with it I will love you sufficiently.

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