Page 29 - daily practices
P. 29

AE.   I will keep my eyes on my beloved St Aloysius (Luigino);
                   I  will  compare  all  my  actions  with  his,  and  following  his
                   example I will strive to become a saint.

               AO.   I will have an unbounded trust in Mary, my most gentle
                   Mummy; I will turn to her in every need, call upon Her in
                   times of temptation, I will love Her with all my heart, I will
                   serve Her faithfully, and I will encourage others to love and
                   honour Her; I will frequently kiss Her, and thanks to Her I
                   hope to go to Heaven.

               AI.    Once every eight days I will read this method, and I will
                   read it after Holy Communion, so as to improve in those
                   points  I  find  lacking.  Once  every  3  months  I  will  give  an
                   account of these to my Confessor.

               AA.   Once a year, when I am not so busy, I will spend eight
                   to ten days of spiritual exercises; during that time I will also
                   undergo a particular Confession.

               AU.   I  will  never  call  back  to  mind  things  I  have  done,  nor
                   ever talk of them with others. I will rather keep in mind my
                   enormous sins and what I might commit if the Lord were to

                   withdraw his grace from me. I will think of my meanness
                   and unworthiness. I will never talk about myself not even
                   with my closest friends except when charity demands it.
                   If I am praised, I will skilfully change the subject if it is a
                   friend, and if it is an Elder, I will keep silent and in my heart
                   I will pray that the Lord may reveal my meanness to myself
                   and to the person who has praised me.

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