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in fact, I will return good for wrong done to me, behaving
                with good grace with those who hurt me.
            AS.   Every day I will make 5 inner acts of self-denial, along
                with all those forms of penance which from time to time my
                Confessor allows me to carry out.

            AT.   I will never eat nor drink in between meals except when
                I am sick or, when I am in company, and cannot abstain
                without attracting attention. I will never eat choice food out
                of greediness; as to fruit, I will take only when I am told to,
                and always only a little. As to coffee and wine, I will take
                only what is necessary, and I will never get up from table
                without  having  made  at  least  one  mortification;  in
                particular, I will always leave the table still a bit hungry.

            AV.   I will dress in a plain, modest and suitable way; as far as
                possible I will avoid wearing new clothes.
            AX.   I will carry out most diligently all my duties and my usual
                practices of piety, keeping as much as possible to the fixed
                time,  place,  manner,  etc.  In  particular,  I  will  give  much
                importance  to  little  things,  attending  to  them  with    great

            AY.   I  will  always  keep  in  mind  my  cherished  vows:  those
                sweet chains that bind me so strictly to my Divine Spouse:
                I will renew them frequently and do my best to carry them
                out faithfully.

            AZ.   Among  all  the  virtues  those  I  will  have  especially  at
                heart and do my best to practise are: humility, gentleness,
                charity, obedience, chastity and inner silence.

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