Page 27 - daily practices
P. 27

AF.   I will not complain of anything; I will not let others notice
                   little sicknesses that the Lord may be pleased to give me,
                   and  if  he  graciously  grants  me  any  cross,  I  will  not  tell
               AG.   I  will  not  satisfy  my  own  curiosity  uselessly,  even  in
                   good  things:  thus  freed from  the  things  of  this  world, my
                   heart will be taken up by God.
               AH.   I will not speak at all before receiving Holy Communion,
                   nor on my way to and from Church.

               AL.   I will not, for any reason, speak of worldly things: about
                   vanity,  people  getting  married,  wealth,  earthy  beauty,
                   whiling away time, etc.

               AM.   I will  never refuse help to anyone who asks for it, if it is
                   at all possible, even if I have to take trouble.
               AN.   I will not lay hands on anybody, not even little girls, not
                   even for fun.

               AP.   I will surrender myself totally to God’s will. I will relax in
                   his arms like a loving child, and whatever happens to me,
                   be it happy or sad, I will always accept as coming from his
                   hands,  and  will  thank  him  for  it  heartily,  with  equal
               AQ.   I  will  have  great  reverence  and  love  towards  all  my
                   Superiors/elders, but I will never try to be loved by them

                   with  partiality;  in  that  way  I  will  keep  my  heart  detached
                   from all, in order to offer it wholly to my God.
               AR.   I  will  patiently  and  gladly  bear  insults,  hurting  words,
                   what goes against my good reputation;

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