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is: Sundays to God the Father, Mondays to God the Son,
                Tuesdays to the Holy Spirit, Wednesdays to my Guardian
                Angel,  Thursdays  to  the  Blessed  Sacrament,  Fridays  to
                the Crucified Lord and the Sacred Heart, Saturdays to the
                Blessed Virgin Mary.
            X  Every year I will make my annual Confession, every month
                my  monthly  Confession  and  a  Day  of  Recollection.  I  will
                observe the practices prescribed in honour of the Crucified
                Lord  on  the  second  Friday  of  each  month,  and  those  in
                honour of Mary on the first Saturday of each month.
            Y  In my monthly Confession, I will either tell my Confessor
                my main fault and the resolutions that I take for the next
                month, or ask Him to tell it to me himself and to teach me
                how to overcome it.
            Z  I will keep strict watch regarding my purity: I will therefore
                keep control over my eyes, never gazing at any man or at
                women  pompously  dressed  up,  carefully  avoiding  their

                company;  on  the  road  I  will  always  keep  my  eyes  cast
                down and I will avoid useless talk.
            AB.   In Church and whenever I am praying, I will never raise
                my eyes, except when I really need to.
            AC.   I  will  watch  over  my  words,  trying  first  to  reflect  on
                whether they were better be said or not. About others I will
                always  speak  favourably,  and  about  myself,  I  will  avoid
                speaking, be it in good or bad things.

            AD.   I  will  never  find  excuses  for  myself;  I  will  not  hold  on
                obstinately to my own opinion, nor will I speak favourably
                about myself.

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