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will strive to instil sound piety and devotion. I will cultivate
                   these as much as I can. I will recite the Holy Rosary with
                   them,  and  will  make  one  of  them  do  a  bit  of  spiritual
                   reading.  On  Mondays,  Wednesdays  and  Saturdays  I  will
                   hold  a  lesson  with  them,  for  an  hour,  in  Religious
                   Instruction. I will love all of them impartially and be equally
                   concerned for them all; I will correct them gently and with
                   much loving-kindness.

               R.  I will love the poor dearly. I will gladly talk with them; I will
                   help them as much as I can, and three times a week I will
                   put some of my food by and give it to them. The sick will
                   be particularly dear to me; all the time that is left free will
                   be spent in going to see them, serve them and help them.

               S.  I will also be most diligent in looking after the patients at
                   the Hospital; I will do my utmost for their welfare as far as
                   my  limited  strength  will  allow;  in  them  and  in  other  poor
                   people, I will see the person of Jesus Christ himself, and
                   so, I will do very gladly whatever I can do for their benefit.

               T.  Three times a day I will make 10 genuflections each time
                   to the Crucified Lord and 3 visits in my room to the Blessed
                   Virgin Mary.

               U.  On  Mondays  I  will  offer my  Holy  Communion for sinners
                   and apply for their conversion the rest of the little good that
                   I do on that day: the same thing I will do on Tuesdays for
                   the holy souls in Purgatory.

               V.  I will offer each day of the week with a special intention, that

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