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P. 24

Virgin Mary when I obey my Mother, and all the Saints of
                Heaven when I obey anyone else. I will have towards my
                Parents  the  respect  they  deserve  as  persons  who
                represent God himself; I will revere them, obey them, love
                them and help them as much as I can.

            N.  I will have full trust in my Confessor. I will lay the state of
                my  soul  transparently  clear  before  him,  by  mentioning:
                temptations, inspirations, wishes and actions, etc. In short,
                I will take scrupulous care not to hide from him even the
                tiniest things. And to have no ground for pride nor for fear,
                etc., I will always speak to Him as if I spoke and had to do
                with Jesus, my most gentle Spouse. And so, I will always
                accept  any  advice,  warning,  admonishment  he  gives  me

                as given by God himself.

            O.  I will have for Him and for the other Priests the respect due
                to their person as Ministers of the Lord, and so, never for
                any reason say any word that could offend them even  in
                the  slightest  manner. Where  there  is  no  real  need,  I  will
                avoid  talking  about  any  of  them,  especially  about  my
                Confessor, or of things relating to Confession.

            P.  I  will  seek  all  means  to  do  good  to  my  neighbour,  more
                especially to the girls. With these, I will be caring, pleasant
                and gentle; I will miss no opportunity to do them good.

            Q.  In teaching I will have no other aim than that of doing good
                to my neighbour, and before that, to give glory to God. In
                the tender hearts of the young girls entrusted to my care, I

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