Page 23 - daily practices
P. 23

I will always walk in the presence of God, that is; in every
                   step, thoughts, words and actions I will always have God
                   in mind, I will do everything for pure love for Him and for
                   His glory, taking care to repeat this self-offering every time
                   I change activity. In short, I will form a retreat in my own
                   heart and there frequently retire to converse in a familiar
                   manner  with  my  God  even  in  the  midst  of  my  daily

               J.  Not only with Jesus will I intimately and frequently behave
                   so,  but  also  with  Mary,  with  the  Angels  and  Saints  of
                   Heaven, earnestly asking them to obtain for me the same
                   blessedness they enjoy.

               K.  I will never start doing anything without first praying God

                   that he may graciously show me his will  and give me the
                   grace to carry it out well all through.

               L.  I  will  do  my  utmost  to  deny  my  own  will  in  everything,
                   keeping my likings hidden from others in order to be better
                   disposed  to  do  as  others  wish.  I  will  frequently  say  to
                   myself: Holiness consists in giving up our own will. To get
                   used to denying my own will, I will obey and be very glad
                   to please even those ‘inferior’ to me, and consider myself
                   by duty bound to obey everyone since I am the least of all.

               M.  To practise obedience in a sweet manner, I will ‘see’ the
                   Blessed Trinity every time I obey my Father, the Blessed

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