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my  Needlework  I  will  also  make  my  examination  of
            E.  Towards  evening  I  will  pay  a  visit  to  the  Blessed
                Sacrament and to Mary’s altar. During this visit I will recite
                as  usual  my  daily  vocal  prayers  and  will  see  to  it  that  I
                keep intimate company to Jesus in the Sacrament.
            F.  Back home, I will carry on with my duties till after supper
                time,  and  then  I  will  do  with  my  dear  ones  at  home  the
                usual spiritual reading, recite the Holy Rosary and then I
                retire to my room.
            G.  As  soon  as  I  enter  it,  I  will  greet  with  an  ejaculation  the
                Holy  Picture  of  the  Sacred  Heart,  that  of  Our  Lady  and
                those of the other Saints I have in it. I will meditate for half-
                an-hour. I will recite the Office of Our Lady and my other
                usual vocal prayers, make my examination of conscience
                and all the acts of thanksgiving, love, self-offering, prayers
                of  intercession,  etc.  that  God’s  love  will  prompt  to  me.

                Then  I  will  spend  some  time  in  preparation  for  Holy
                Communion  and  I  will  rest  in  the  wounds  of  Jesus  and
                under the mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
            H.  Before  going  to  bed,  I  will  note  down  any  failures  in
                observing  these  practices,  and  mark  defects  of  pride.  In
                bed,  before  disposing  myself  to  sleep,  I  will  do  some
                spiritual  reading  and  try  to  fall  asleep  with  some  good
                thought in mind.
            I.  Since I feel called to an intense interior life, I will seek all
                possible means to practise it. I will say many ejaculations
                and Communions-in-spirit.

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