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gladly all the crosses that He will be pleased to send me
                   that day, for my glory should be placed totally in the Cross,
                   and  I  will  consider  lost  any  day  that  is  not marked  by  It.
                   When I have paid my respects to God I will turn to Mary: I
                   will  present  her  with  my  heart,  placing  myself  under  her
                   mantle,  I  will  kiss  her  devoutly  and  commend  myself
                   earnestly to Her. Then I will turn to my Guardian Angel, my
                   beloved  St  Aloysius,  to  my  Holy  Advocates  and  all  the
                   Saints  of  Heaven,  begging  them  to  obtain  for  me  a  holy
               B.  When  I  am  modestly  dressed,  I  will  offer  God  my  whole
                   self  and  all  the  day’s  actions,  and  declare  that  I  would
                   rather die a thousand times than commit a single sin. I will
                   say to myself, «This is the first day that I serve God, and
                   perhaps it will be the last: there is nothing I would hesitate
                   to do for His sake.» Then, in the room or in Church, I will
                   recite the Prayers of the Christian and make meditation for

                   an  hour.  I  will  always  hear  Holy  Mass  and  receive  Holy
                   Communion  with  great  devotion  every  time  I  am  given
                   permission. My morning prayer will thus take two hours in
               C.  Back  home,  I  will  do  the  daily  chores,  with  much  care,
                   especially  the  lowliest  and  meanest  tasks,  giving  always
                   preference  to  these  rather  than  any  particular  practice of
                   mine. I will avoid making others serve me; instead, I will do
                   my best to serve others.

               D.  After lunch I will rest for a little while; if I can, I will pay a
                   short visit to the Blessed Sacrament, and before taking up

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