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                             METHOD OF LIFE (1830)

                  My gentle Jesus, for a long time now, I’m afraid, I have
            been feeling sure that you expect something from me, and that
            you want me to be holy: but in my obstinacy I have responded
            to your sweet calling with ingratitude and sinfulness. From now
            on,  however,  I  hope  I  will  stop  it,  and  from  this  point  I  am
            resolved  to  undertake  a  life-pattern  entirely  new  and
            conforming  to  your  most  holy  Will.  Give  me  the  light  to
            undertake  what  you  expect  from  me,  and  grant  me  also  the

            grace to carry out everything faithfully, while I place my trust in
            you alone. Amen.

            A.  I will sleep 6  hours. As soon as I wake up I turn to God,
                and make to him acts of love, thanksgiving, self-offering,
                prayer, etc. I will at once offer him my readiness to bear

            1    In Bartolomea’s paper, the year is not written, but we can deduce it from the
            fact that for the first time, for Year 1830, she uses new symbols to indicate the
            various items of this Method.
            2    Another copy of this document, written in Bartolomea’s own hand, says:  7

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