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understand it, for I am ready to do everything for your sake.
               Dear  Mother,  I  leave  this  paper  in  your  hand;  enable  me  to
               carry it out.
                     St  Aloysius,  my  Guardian  Angel  and  all  Saints  in
               Heaven, pray much for me. Amen.

                     I herewith ask your permission, Reverend Father, to add
               to my Method of Life the few things below:

               1.   When the bell strikes the hour, or at the sound of any bell,
                   I  will  pay  a  spiritual  visit  to  Jesus  in  the  Blessed
                   Sacrament, in which, besides sentiments of affection and
                   love,  thanksgiving  and  supplication,  etc.  which  God  will
                   graciously suggest to my heart, I will always do a spiritual

               2.  Every  time  I  enter  my  room,  I  will  pay  homage  to  the
                   Crucifix,  to  the  image  of  Mary  or  to  that  of  some  other
                   Saint, and if I am unable to do more, I will devoutly kiss
                   them and bow to them with devotion.

               3.  Every hour I will call my conscience into account to God,
                   and through a quick review I will see if in the past hour I
                   have done anything displeasing to God, and promise him
                   to do better, by his grace, in the next hour.

               4.  Every night I will get up from bed and make a visit to Jesus
                   Crucified:  I  will  do  it  for  souls  who  sleep  in  mortal  sin,
                   praying Jesus Christ not to let them die in that state but to
                   grant them forgiveness and a true conversion.

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