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AV.   I  will  not  hold  on  obstinately  to  my  opinion,  nor  will  I
                speak about myself, favourably or unfavourably.
            AX.   I will neither eat nor drink in between meals; I will not
                eat titbits of any sort; as to fruit, coffee and wine, I will take
                only when I am told to.

            AY.   My clothes will be plain and suitable; I will keep to the
                same dress except when I am told to change it.

            AZ.   I  will  be  constantly  mindful  of  my  dear  vows,  of  those
                sweet chains that bind me so closely to Jesus; I will renew
                them  often  and  do  my  best  to  carry  them  out  in  every
            AE.   I  will  always  look  upon  my  beloved  Advocate  St
                Aloysius  Gonzaga;  I  will  check  my  actions  on  his  and  in
                imitation of him do my best to become a saint.

            AI.    With my most gentle Mother Mary, I will be perfectly at
                ease;  I  will  turn  to  Her  in  every  need,  call  upon  her  in
                temptation, and thanks to her, I am confident of going to

            AO.  I will go through this method every eight days; I will read
                it  after  Holy  Communion  in  order  to  be  able  to  make
                amends for my shortcomings.

                  My  dear  Jesus,  I  beg  of  you:  let  not  this  method  be
            produced on the day of Judgement to blame me for my failure
            to carry it out, instead of a cause for rejoicing over it.
            Help  me,  I  beg  you,  to  do  most  faithfully  what  I  have  set
            myself,  and  if  you  expect  other  things  from  me,  let  me

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