Page 17 - daily practices
P. 17

AK.   I will never refuse to do any service to anyone who asks
                   it of me, whenever I can, never minding the trouble I have
                   to take.
               AL.   I  will  never  say  any  useless  word  before  Holy
                   Communion;  I  will  never  talk  about  clothes,  personal
                   adornment, etc.
               AM.  I  will  go  against  my  will  5  times  a  day,  and  make  7
                   internal or external mortifications, and all those practices of
                   penance permitted by my Confessor.
               AN.   I will not think of males, speak to them or look at them
                   without  a  precise  need,  and  I  will  above  all  avoid  their
               AP.   I  will  remain  as  recollected  as  I  can,  avoiding  useless
                   words, and if I can, I will also observe (strict) silence for an
                   hour every day.
               AQ.  I  will  fully  accept  God’s  will;  I  will  place  myself  in  his
                   arms as a loving child, and everything that happens to me,

                   be it happy or sad, I will consider coming from his hands,
                   and so I will always thank him for it.
               AR:   I will never lay hands on anyone, not even in fun, nor
                   even on little girls.
               AS.   I will have deep respect and love for my Elders, but I will
                   never demand that they have a preferential love for me. I
                   will  thus  keep  my  heart  detached  from  every  creature  in
                   order to give it wholly to my God.
               AT.   I  will  be  pleasant  and  caring  with  everyone,  and  will
                   always speak well of everyone; I will never dare to utter a
                   single word or joke that may be harmful to my neighbour.

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