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obtain  for  me  holy  Purity.  Thursdays  to  Jesus  in  the
                Blessed Sacrament, that He may grant me his holy love;
                Fridays to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Jesus Crucified,
                that  He  may  grant  me  deep  sorrow  for  my  sins,  and
                Saturdays again to Mary, my most gentle Mother, and on
                that day I will always observe some special practice in her

            AC.   I  will  regularly  do  my  annual  Confession,  monthly
                Confession and a Day of Recollection. I will carry out the
                prescribed  practices  in  honour  of  Jesus  Crucified  the
                second Friday of every month, and similarly in honour of

                Mary the first Saturday of every month.

            AD.   On  Sundays  and  feast-days,  unless  prevented  for  a
                serious reason, I will help illiterate young girls, at the same
                time instilling in them the practice of virtue.

            AF.   I  will  never  seek  for  myself  anything  that  is
                unnecessary,  be  it  clothes  or  food;  I  will  ask  for  what  I
                need, from my parents, for charity’s sake.

            AG.  I  will  never  raise  my  voice  when  I  talk,  nor  get  upset,
                and I will also try to keep peace in the family.

            AH.   In  obeying  my  Confessor  I  intend  to  obey  my  most
                gentle  Spouse,  Jesus;  in  obeying  my  Father  I  mean  to
                obey  my  Guardian  Angel;  I  will  obey  Our  Lady  in  my
                Mother, my Advocate St Aloysius in my Sister, and all the
                Saints of Heaven in everybody else.

                                       - 638 -
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