Page 15 - daily practices
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S.  I  will  never  inquire  into  other  people’s  affairs,  not  even
                   what practices of piety others do; On my part, I will be as
                   diligent as I can without minding other people’s business.
               T.  I  will  never  say  any  word  of  praise  about  myself,  nor
                   excuse my behaviour. I will always seek to remain hidden
                   to others’ eyes in order to be more pleasing to Jesus.

               U.  I will patiently and gladly bear all sorts of insults, hurting
                   words and whatever goes against my reputation.
               V.  I will dearly love the poor. I will gladly talk with them; I will
                   help them as much as I can afford, and three times a week
                   I will put part of my food aside and give it to them.

               X.  I will visit poor, sick people as frequently as I can: that is,
                   once week.
               Y.  I  will  have  full  trust  in  my  Confessor;  I  will  keep  him
                   informed of my inner life, and I will carry out carefully what
                   he recommends.

               Z.   Every Monday I will receive Holy Communion, and offer all
                   that I do that day for the salvation of sinners. I will do the
                   same on Tuesdays for the holy souls of Purgatory.

               AB.   I  will  consecrate  each  day  of  the  week  with  a  special
                   intention, that is: Sundays to God the Father that He may
                   grant me a living faith, Mondays to God the Son, praying
                   that He may grant me a firm hope; Tuesdays to the Holy
                   Spirit,  praying  that  He  may  grant  me  an  ardent  charity;
                   Wednesdays  to  the  Blessed  Virgin  Mary,  that  she  may

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