P. 19

granted to me you had given just a portion to someone else,
               she would have by this time become a great saint, and I am
               instead  a  monster  of  ingratitude  ...  For  charity’s  sake,  don’t
               look on me with wrath, forgive me now, for you are my Father,
               so that I may sing your mercies.

                     Resolutions: In order to obtain mercy from Jesus, I will
               practise charity towards my neighbour, and never spare myself
               any trouble.
                     I  did  this  Meditation  for  an  hour,  seated  all  through.  I
               had  few  distractions.  I  attended  to  it  carefully  and  with
               understanding. I ended it with sentiments of gratitude towards
               the beloved Jesus who bears with me so tenderly.

                                    THIRD MEDITATION

                            On the Loveable S. Heart of Jesus

                     With  rapturous  sweetness  I  went  to  the  one  who  this
               very day was my severe Judge, for I can still call on him as my
               most loving Father. I begged him to let me know the treasures
               of  his  Heart  and  make  me  experience  how  loveable  he  is.  I
               had a glimpse of his loving Heart when I considered that he is
               absolute  Goodness  in  himself,  how  greatly  he  loves  all  his
               creatures, how much he did for our sake and how gently he
               receives every person who turns to him. Oh! What a treasure
               of charity is the Sacred Heart of Jesus! ... Is it possible that my
               heart should be so hard towards Him?

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