P. 17

will  be  all  the  more  eager  to  do  inner  mortification  of  my

               General Examination on my vows and Method of life. I found
               out defects everywhere, but especially in the Vow of Charity,
               now and then on the vow of Obedience to my sister, and much
               more in the Vow of Greater Perfection. In my method of life I
               found failings due to negligence; there are so many things that
               I do out of habit, not for genuine love of God. The bonds the
               Lord keeps me united to Himself with are so many, and yet I
               am so careless to keep them tight! ... I should belong totally to
               Him and instead I belong just to myself. Dear Jesus, help me
               in  your  charity,  wash  away  all  my  stains  in  your  blood,  and
               make me beautiful in your sight.

                     In my visit, in spirit, to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,
               as I thought of our dear Institute, I felt my heart urging me to

               resolve to be the least of all, to do gladly what others dislike,
               never  to  say  ‘No’  to  anything  but  show  myself  happy  with
               everything, not to express my own opinion in anything unless
               compelled by obedience, and if anything is not to my liking, if
               my companions are not as I should like them to be, I will not
               speak of them with anyone else. Instead, I will take everything
               to  Jesus  in  the  Blessed  Sacrament  and  place  it  at  his  feet
               begging Him to turn everything to his glory.

                     Lord, I implore from you the grace to carry out all this:
               all that I can  do is to throw away and spoil your works.

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