P. 16

always  prepared,  if  I  want  to  spend  that  important  moment
            safely. I reflected on the nothingness, emptiness and madness
            of worldly possessions, vanity and honour, knowing that at the
            point of death everything vanishes and such things can only
            make it more bitter. How truly wise  are those who habitually
            think of death and regulate all their actions accordingly.

            My God, I do think of death very often and yet it does not bring
            me out of the lukewarm life that I lead! ... How important it is to
            die well! ... Everything is passing away, but death will open for
            me an eternity that will never come to an end ... Lord, in your
            wounds, in your blood, is all my hope. I want to live well so that
            my death may be precious in your sight.

                  Resolutions:  To  think  very  often  of  death;  particularly
            when  I  am  about  to  do  some  important  thing,  to  ask  myself
            how, on the point of death, I shall wish to have done it.

                  I did this Meditation in church, seated nearly the whole
            hour. I had very few distractions, but I felt a bit drowsy. It did
            leave an impression on me. I ended it with the determination to
            do my utmost to ensure the death of the righteous.

                  This  morning’s  Lesson  was  on  inner  self-denial.  I
            understood how necessary it is and how assiduously I should
            practise it in order to rid myself of pride, self-love and so many
            other passions that have a hold on my heart. Lord, help me; I
            do  want  to  pay  heed  to  your  voice,  and  if  I  cannot  practise
            bodily austerities because I am so anxious about my health, I

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