P. 17

will not last for ever, and that if I remain steadfastly faithful, I
            will receive a reward that will last for all eternity.
                  I did this Meditation on my knees, for half-an-hour. I had
            very few distractions, and it left some impression on me.

                  Today’s spiritual reading was on the life of St Catherine
            Virgin  Martyr.  I  was  impressed  by  her  vast  learning,  and  I
            realized how useful this is for knowing God more deeply and
            for helping our neighbour, provided it is used in the right way. I
            was struck by the supreme wisdom of God who many times
            makes use of very feeble instruments to confound the worldly-
            wise, and to turn men’s hearts to Him, just as He made use of
            this  Saint  to  enlighten  and  change  the  hearts  of  so  many
            philosophers and so many unbelievers. It is a reproof for my

            habit  of  shrinking  from  what  is  hard,  if  I  reflect  on  the
            steadfastness and patience of this martyr in the suffering she
            bore for her God.

                                FOURTH MEDITATION

                          On the small number of the elect

                  It  had  a  terrifying  effect  on  me  to  think  that  this
            tremendous truth is mentioned in various parts of the Gospel,
            and is confirmed by that very fact, because if it is certain that
            those who live badly will probably die in the same state, how
            few  must  be  those  who  live  as  true  Christians!  ...  And  what

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